Herkimer Housing Authority

About The Project

Website creation requires collaboration and creativity. It is the people who I have the opportunity to collaborate with that make each project exciting. On July 16, 2012, I was contacted by Jessica Johnson from the Herkimer Housing Authority. I spoke on the phone with her on July 17, 2012 and gained a better understanding of the project at hand. Jessica started sending me documents that needed to be incorporated into the website by July 20, 2012 via email. By July 27, 2012, Jessica got her first peak at what I was starting to build, providing me with more details and ideas of what needed to go into the site. It was less than a month that the final review process of the site took place, sending the site to my focus group for review. Around August 14, 2012 reviews came in from the focus group, minor adjustments are made. Once the focus group was happy with the final product, and the seal of approval was granted by Jessica, the site went live on September 17, 2012. Website completion from start to finish can be a lengthy process. However, Jessica was one of the most responsive people I have ever worked, providing constant and consistent feedback, which made the project exciting and fast.


Working with CNY Creative Concepts to develop our website was the best move we could have made . After working with 2 other website designers without much success, CNY Creative Concepts undertook the task and completed it in less time than we anticipated!
Peter kept in constant communication with us and implemented suggested designs and changes very quickly. The on-site training that Peter provided enabled us to update our website and make changes whenever we want without having the extra expense involved in calling someone to do it for us. We would recommend CNY Creative Concepts to anyone who wants a great website at a reasonable cost.

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