Golf Leagues Live

  • May 24, 2013
  • CNY Creative Concepts

The site the started it all for me. About 6 years ago I joined a golf league with a great bunch of guys. Every Wednesday night we would play nine holes and have alot of laughs. My completive side started to show, I hated waiting a full week to find out how everyone played and if we won our match or not. I decided to set fourth with my first large project. Golf Leagues Live was born. I custom build a nice looking front end to display all of our information points, scores, handicaps and schedule. I really fell in love with code at this point. I decided lets add a instant chat section so we could all talk. Weather. We need to know what the weather is going to be like before we leave to play. Stats everyone loves to see there stats pars, birdies, bogies ect.. The site grew and grew with ideas. For that winter I spent every free hour making the site do what I wanted. When it was complete I was very happy and proud of the strides I made. I then decied this is something I want to do for others and have been enjoying it ever since.